We carry a lot of different type of air filters. So many, that it can get quite confusing on which one works best for your needs. To make things easier, please read the descriptions below and select a filter that best suits what you are needing your air filter to do.

If the type of air filter you are looking for isn’t listed on this page, or we do not have your size available, give us a call. We can try our best to find exactly what you need.

GDS Fiberglass Disposable Panel Filters
Basic Disposable Filter

Ideal for those needing a very simple air filter.

PTA Disposable Filters
Disposable Panel Filter

A bit sturdier than the Basic Disposable. Great for those not wanting to spend a lot of money, but wanting decent air filtration.

Z-Line Series Filters
90 Day Filters

Our most popular filter. Very effective for most situations and easy on the budget. Good for 3 months.

Dust and Pollen Pleated Filters
Allergy and Dust Reducing Filters

Ideal filter for those with allergies.

Carbotron Odor Reducing Pleated Filters
Odor Reducing Filters

Those with pets or smokers should consider these odor reducing filters.
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